Hello Welcome To The Bandits Website
This year is the new and improved year. 2009 oh yeah! We are talking about our new perspective for the citizens of San Diego. We welcome everyone who loves the game of soccer and enjoys having fun on the field . All venues are located in the National City area because of its beautiful and rich historic background. Our goal this year is to create a family of Bandits that will continuously grow for the next years to come. We give each player the self- confidence they desire and the support they ask for and see how they evolve as a player and a teammate.  As last year was so exiting this year will be one of of the most intense and heart- rushing playing of soccer that has ever been seen. So Are You Ready? And if you are ready and we know you are just come on by with your questions and enthusism. Thank You
So what does the Bandits offer?      Respect
                                                        Athletic Training
                                                        A Family and Friends
              SOCCER CLUB
Success Through Youth Soccer!
We Believe IT Don't You?
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